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Fifth Dimension Magic

There are 2 different kinds of 4D Magic, there is white/black magic and there is also what I call Fifth Dimension Magic that’s from the Fifth Dimension and Beyond. I have been accused of performing 4D magic when a Miracle happens in a Healing or when I Manifest something in front of someone by just talking about it and I always said no I’m not using Magic.( 4D Magic). I have recently come to realize in my last awakening that I was correct by denying 4D Magical (White Magic, Witchcraft) powers because my Manifestation Magical abilities comes from the 5th Dimension and Beyond.

There’s no Pentagram (a five star), no alter, no spells etc.. to be able to perform Fifth Dimension Magic.
Prerequisite: You should already be Manifesting somethings that run through your mind here and there more lately then ever, some instantly and others take some time. If this has been happening to you then Now is the time for you to perfect your Fifth Dimension Magical Powers. The more you practice the more you’re able to Manifest things until everything Manifests itself instantly by you just thinking about it.

Fifth Dimension Magic can only be performed by those of us who has Unconditional Love for themselves/others and have a Awakened to the Fifth Dimension State of Mind. There is NO Negative side to Fifth Dimension Magic only pure Fifth Dimension and Beyond Loving Energy mixed with your Positive intentions to Manifest what ever you want.

Relax by telling yourself to Relax: Take deep Holy Breath Qigong Mantra breaths. Inhale Tan Tien 1, Tan Tien 2, Tan Tien 3, Tan Tien 4, Tan Tien 5 then Exhale (do this 3x) to get in touch with your higher self then ask your higher self to create a Sacred Space for you while you imagine a wall of white light around you, Relax, inhale then exhale while you use your Intentions to Focus on what you want to Manifest.then intend for it to happen. Relax, Inhale and exhale then let it happen naturally in its own time. The more you practice the better you will be at it. You can use a Crystal Wand to amplify your intentions.

This is not a Magic Trick:. The Fifth Dimension Magic instructions above are designed to help you Hone the Fifth Dimension Magical Powers that you already have once you begin to Awaken and Resonate to the Fifth Dimension/Beyond State of Mind. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by beginning to Hone your Fifth Dimension Magical Skills as soon as possible.

Many Blessings…
Love & Light FaFa

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